MEZÇLÃO is a visual/performing arts institution committed to nurturing artists in ensemble collaboration, artistic diversity and inspiration. We provide an outlet for artists to garner social and cultural awareness in promotion of tolerance and acceptance.  
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Here are the programs we offer: 

ALLOS - The Story of Carlos Bulosan is a one-person show that centers on Carlos Bulosan who emigrated to America only to find violence, racism and exploitation. He used his writing to combat discrimination and became an advocate for social justice and migrant workers rights. 
(Commisioned by East West Players/Theater for Youth, 60 minutes)

Entrevistas - Interviews: A Muslim Poet, Former Klu Klux Clan Member, Illegal Immigrant, Trans Man, Bi-racial Social Worker , Gay Runaway Teen and a Filipino Ghost Collide in a One Person Show. 
(Premiere: Cal-Lutheran University, Fall 2011 - 60 minutes)

I am Nothing Like My Mother - Mother/Daughter relationships can be fulfilling, dramatic, loving, emotional, powerful, competitive, and extremely joyful. In her semi-biographical one-woman show, I Am Nothing Like My Mother, actress Christine Corpuz explores the gray areas in mother/daughter relationships, employing the Filipina Nanay not only as a character with a funny accent, but as a bridge for other characters in her play to live out seeming contradictions in life. (Nuyorican Poets Café, 60 minutes)

Juan Tamad (aka JT) and the Bee Powder is an adaptation of the Children's Filipino Folk Tale about Juan Tamad,  young man who always gets into trouble because of his laziness. 
(Commissioned-Aquarium of the Pacific /Autumn Festival 2010, 30 min.)

Kalayaan (Freedom) an inter-disciplinary show that fearlessly embraces while courageously reveals a man's identity as a Muslim infusing Spoken Word with Modern/Mindanao Folk Dance. (KulArts-POMO 2009, 30 min.)

Kwentong Pinoy centers on issues about displacement and identity using the context of the Filipino and Fil-Am Experience. (Commissioned - Pacific Asia Museum, 60 minutes)

People Like Me is an award-winning play written by Henry Ong, documenting true stories of GLBT teenagers in L.A. in their own voices. (Occidental College-10 year production, 60 minutes) 

People Power is a one-person show which revolves around different characters that shaped the 1986 Edsa Revolution from President Marcos, Senator Aquino to people everyday that joined together to oust one of the world's most famous dictator.  (Premiered - Southern Utah University, 60 minutes)


Felicity is a Cynical Art - Theatrefest, UCLA Grand Salon Kerkhoff

Corazon Perdido - Fowler Out Loud, Fowler Museum

2006 - 2007
Noche de Artistas - Slam Poetry/Open Mic Residence, Sabor y Cultura Cafe

Pagbabalik, Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture
Vida y Muerto - Fowler Museum, Autumn Festival AoP, Tribal Café

Noche de Artistas - Slam Poetry/Open Mic Residence, Tribal Café
Kwentong Pinoy - Pacific Asia Museum, Autumn Festival AoP, SIPA
People Power - Southern Utah University
Boo Boo Kitty (Music) - Tribal Café, Juanita’s

People Like Me - Occidental College
February Songs (Music) - Genghis Cohen
March of Time (Music) - Genghis Cohen 
Kalayaan - Kularts POMO, SF
I was Born with Two Mothers - Autumn Festival Long Beach
KWENTO,  A Literary Fiesta by Fil-Am Playwrights - SIPA

Bulosan, A Memorial Tribute: Allos, The Carlos Bulosan Story, Durwood - SIPA
Juan Tamad aka JT and the Bee Powder, Autumn Festival AoP

Allos, The Carlos Bulosan Story (Commissioned by East West Players Theater)
Juan Tamad aka JT and the Bee Powder, Burbank Elementary
                                         Cherry Blossom Festival, Autumn Festival
Entrevistas, Cal Lutheran University (premiere: August, 2011)

Artistic Associates
Maite Zabala-Alday
Jennifer Almiron
Christine Corpuz
Tyler Daly

DJ Gingee
Wes Gabrillo
Ben Lamoso
Ruffy Landayan
Josef Malonzo
Henry Ong
Giovanni Ortega 

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